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Menus are just being adopted, many of these ideas can change. The dropdown menu is used in different places with slight variations.

  • The search pulldown in the main toolbar
  • The action pulldowns in section headers
  • The image action pulldowns over images

Basic structure

  • The menu is displayed by an icon in the toolbar
  • On hover it is displayed negative.
    • On toolbars the icon is black, negative is a white icon in black background. The background is 100% height of the containing toolbar (40x40px).
    • On an image the icon is white, negative is black on white square 30x30px.

Different menus

  • Basic menu with selectable rows
  • Persistent menu for nested elements
  • Settings panel is a flyout menu. It needs to stay visible and not disappear with mouseout.

Different rows

  • Title row, same for all menus
  • Row with a submenu or a link to a modal or a tool is displayed with a caret pointing right at the end of the menu item.
  • Subselection inside dropdown row is ore instant.
  • End row: Create item, show more, show all. One or more per row.

Other controls

  • Long result lists can be displayed with a scrollbar