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Technical workshop 12 June 2018

  • 12–13 Background
  • 13–16 Sprints

Possible topics / Scope of this year's project

Setting up the Wikidocumentaries MediaWiki and Wikibase

  • Walkthrough of Wikibase-docker installation, basic MediaWiki configurations, setting up local properties for the Wikibase

Key functionalities

  • Displaying the related Wikipedia content: Wikipedia article + Wikidata infobox
  • Aggregating images from Finna to a topic
  • Adding information
    • Navigating to edit a Wikipedia article
    • Navigating to edit a Wikidata item
    • Uploading an image:
      • Wikimedia Commons with a link to the topic
      • Some other service (Flickr?) with a link to the topic
    • Adding a topic in Wikidocumentaries
    • Adding a local article, a testimonial

Workflow for images

  • Finna – Wikidocumentaries – Wikimedia Commons
  • Finna – Ajapaik mobile app – Wikimedia Commons

Scenarios fo key user paths

  • Finding information
  • Browsing information
  • Adding information
    • Images
    • Articles
    • Personal testimonials

Interface design

  • Possible solutions for integrating with the underlying data
    • Vue.js

Content to work with in the summer of 2018

  • Images of 2018
  • Lighthouses, archipelago, houses and inhabitants
  • Museum collaborations
  • Personal images for rephotography: The ScanTent tour