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Project parts & components status

Updated 20 June 2019

Completed, evolving

  • Topic page
  • Navigating via Wikidata items
  • Display articles
    • Article translations menu
    • Article placeholder for missing articles or translations
  • Reading images via APIs
    • Display images in the Image grid with proper metadata mapping and missing image placeholders
    • Display images in the Image viewer with metadata display, no zoom (media metadata)
  • Translations into TranslateWiki
  • Gallery of people, works, events (UI html, methods, queries)
  • Timeline exists in a preliminary version
  • Map component exists and can be developed further
    • Reads historical map layers

In the pipeline

Ready to go

  • Header content options: Single image, series of portraits, slideshow
  • Filter or downgrade extra large images from the Image grid display
  • New visualisations using SPARQL data (graph visualisations, geographic shapes and points, family tree, statistics, time series of politicians, rulers etc)

High priority with blockers (blocker)

  • Geolocating tool (local data storage, communicating with sources and Wikimedia Commons)
  • User account creation (combatting spam, user data storage modelling in MediaWiki)
  • New local item creation (user accounts for editing, federation for using Wikidata properties)
  • Local articles (Installing Visual editor, modifying the functions to serve linking, federation blocks linking)
  • Allowing user submitted images (define storage location and retrieval, user data)

Low hanging fruit (dependencies)

  • Image upload from results to Wikimedia Commons (write methods to Wikimedia Commons, provenance management)
  • Image metadata comparison and save into Wikimedia Commons (write methods to Wikimedia Commons, provenance management, local save methods)
  • Image curation by making an image action (First actions, methods and data structure to save)
    • First action could be selecting the main image from the results (image save mechanism and metadata mapping)
  • Removing from a result set (Persistent menu design, methods and data structure to save)
  • Search via selecting text or redlinks (front coding for the selector)
  • Medium-like article formatting for reading (Vue code available, design for page behavior.
  • Creating the article index for search engines (list of items to include, more mature topic page, link structure settled)
  • Create image collections (user data, collection UI)

4 November 2018

  • Presented at GLAM-Wiki. The slide deck was started for that presentation but it keeps on evolving.

8 October

15 September 2018

11 September 2018

  • Workshop at Maria 01 to decide on the initial data structure
  • Ongoing collaboration with Wiki Loves Monuments with rephotography

8 June 2018

Wikidocumentaries workshop on June 12, Maria 01, 00180 Helsinki

26 May 2018

MVP, minimum viable product for the first iteration will include (this will be discussed with the team and the community):

  • Data modelling (corresponding items and properties with Wikidata, API definitions, user generated data, local properties, namespaces)
  • Creating topics on-the-fly and one-by-one
  • Including articles on the topic page, substituting the links with local links
  • Display infoboxes on the topic page
  • Display images from external archives on the topic page
  • GDPR compliance

24 May 2018

The project will start developing this environment first as a plain MediaWiki, but aim for a completely independent front-end during 2018.

There will be a separate Technology page describing the technological goals of the project.

MediaWiki links

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

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