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There will be tools to work with the available materials. Enriched information will be first saved locally and from there they will be imported to Wikimedia projects and more.

Existing Wikimedia tools

  • Visual editor
  • Query tool

Tools for pictures

Photo geotagging

We are working with to create an embedded geotagging experience in Wikidocumentaries. For the interface we are also considering making use of the Surveyor of the New York Public Library.


  • Image viewer
  • Image and map annotation

Geo tools

Map rectifying

Using the UI research and codebase we did in the Wikimaps MapWarper project, we will bring map rectification features to Wikidocumentaries.

Map digitizing

Looking at the possibilities of different projects, especially hoping the OpenHistoricalMap evolve to be a map geometries repository that connects with Wikidata.

Other necessary photo tools

  • Mass tagging

Tools for written documents


Although not on the list of priorities, this is an intriguing place to start. We can see if indexing or transcription tools can be made available in this context.

  • Transcribus
  • Scribe