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Here's the structure of the topic page.

The page

The visitor browses the site based on the topics in includes. Each topic forms a page. When the user clicks on a link that has a Wikidata entry but not yet a page in Wikidocumentaries, that topic and page is automatically created. The user can create new topics.

The structure

Settings bar

The header

The header displays the topic title in the user’s language. It also displays a title image, related users and groups, temporal limits of the displayed topic and a follow button. The user can add missing translations.

Wikipedia article

The visitor can read a corresponding Wikipedia article, where the links links lead to pages inside the Wikidocumentaries site. The visitor can navigate to Wikipedia

Wikidata infobox

An infobox created from Wikidata, where the links link to pages inside Wikidocumentaries. The values can be edited in WIkidata.


The visitor gets to view images from open repositories related to the topic. She can like an image, view it in a separate viewer window. She can remove images that are not related to the topic. An image with activity is registered in the database.

A map

The topic is displayed on a map. A historical map can be displayed as a background layer. Different sets of items can be displayed on the map.

The mockup

The code for the page will be created the /Mockup subpage.