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There are two types of articles in Wikidocumentaries.

  • Collaborative created article topic's main articles are discussed on this page.
  • Articles created as memoirs by one person are created on the testimonials page.

Displaying an article in the topic page

  • As a user I can read a main article about the current topic
    • If the topic exists in Wikidata, the article to be displayed or added should be in Wikipedia.
    • If the topic exists in Wikidocumentaries only, the article is stored in Wikidocumentaries.

Wikipedia articles

  • Editing a Wikipedia article happens in Wikipedia.

Local articles

Local articles can be created in the local wiki.

  • All language versions of a Wikidocumentaries article are stored as separate wiki pages in Wikidocumentaries.
  • Articles will have entries in the Wikibase to be able to connect them to different topics and language versions or they can be added using the modified sitelinks feature.
  • Navigating the articles in different languages in the Wikidocumentaries MediaWiki needs a solution to connect them together.
  • Visual editor needs to be installed and modified to support bespoke linking. This is a more general federation need.
  • The user should be able to use a modified Visual Editor to edit (local) articles.


  • The links of a Wikipedia article are replaced with links within Wikidocumentaries, using the QID. as this is too expensive, a router redirects the link to a QID-based address. See linking.
  • The links in a Wikidocumentaries article have QIDs and Wikidocs-QIDs natively
  • The user can add links to Wikidocumentaries topics in Wikipedia articles
    • The link is stored locally as an annotation. How is the annotation stored? As a data table? including the annotated text, the target item, the language and the contributor of the link. Must check compatibility with W3C Web Annotation recommendations.





  • View/edit in Wikipedia
  • The icon can also be the Wikipedia logo


  • Crowdsourcing actions about the article


  • Create missing article (in Wikipedia / in Wikidocumentaries) if no article can be displayed.


  • List of language links to user's other languages
  • Option to display more languages
  • When displaying another language article, show link to translate from that language to the user's language


  • Wikipedia or Wikidocumentaries article of the topic. Initially in the user's language, can be changed to another language while the rest of the interface stays in the user's language.
  • Message if no article is available
  • Possibility to add placeholder article created from facts

Article options

Item in Wikidata – article exists in Wikipedia in the users's language

  • Display article Wikipedia article.
  • Buttons
    • Expand article to read it all. Displays the whole article in the page. Can apply a more enjoyable layout with images, tables, whitespace etc.
    • Wikipedia/External/Edit-button Read/edit article in Wikipedia.
    • Languages: Option to read in other available languages.
    • Actions:
      • Tasks of picking the links in the text and adding to Wikidata
  • Links: Select text which does not have links. Display search and resulting result links. Red links can be treated similarly. The annotations can be saved for further use.

Item in Wikidata – article does not exist in Wikipedia in the user's language

  • Display article: Display placeholder text which prompts to read the article in another language or to create or translate the article in Wikipedia, or automatically created article.
  • Buttons:
    • External/Edit-button: Edit article in Wikipedia.
    • Languages: Access to articles in other languages.
    • Plus: Offer a link to create or translate a page in Wikipedia.

Item in Wikidocumentaries – article exists in Wikidocumentaries in the user's language

  • Display article: Display the locally saved article. Option to read in another language (Languages-button).
  • Title: Article
  • Buttons:
    • Edit: Use a modified version of Visual Editor to edit the article and links (Edit-button).
    • Languages

Item in Wikidocumentaries – article does not exist in the user's language

  • Display article
    • Display text and links to read in another language or create the article.
    • Create a placeholder article from recorded facts.
      • Display alert message with a text and links.
  • Title: Article
  • Buttons
    • Plus: Create a new article in Wikidocumentaries Visual editor, insert draft text, set in edit mode.
      • Tooltip: Create a new article.
    • Languages Display menu only if other language articles exist. Display only user's languages. Display a link to more languages.
      • Tooltip: Other languages.
      • Action: Display the article in another language.
  • Alert: There is no article about [topic] in Wikidocumentaries. This article has been automatically created from the recorded facts. You can read the article in another language or [save this draft and start editing the article]. Style: Alert.


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