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Creating items manually while browsing

Through search

  1. User searches for a topic in the search box
  2. A list of possible topics is shown in the pulldown menu
  3. If the right topic is not displayed, the user may choose to create it

Header search.png

Through a red link

Note! This will not be realized for the time being. In the initial version local articles can be written but links cannot be made.

Wikit - Red link.png

By creating links to an article

Note! This will not be realized for the time being. In the initial version local articles can be written but links cannot be made.

  1. In the article, the user notices a topic that has not been linked
  2. She highlights the word
  3. This creates a search pulldown
  4. The user may navigate to a page displayed in the pulldown or create a link to the item in the pulldown list by clicking on the link icon. If the article is from Wikipedia, the link is an annotation. If the article is in Wikidocumentaries, the link is added to the article source.
  5. The user may create a new item. The item is created with a prefilled title.

Wikit - annotointi.png

Through content components

  • Images component
    • Upload your own image. Creates a data item and uploads to a selected service.
    • Favourite image. Creates a data item and links it to a personal collection.
    • Add image. Saves the image metadata and lets modify it.
    • Exclude image from the result set. Creates an image item and lets modify the metadata (the reason to exclude).
  • Event timeline > Adds an event to the current topic. Depending on event type, the value of the event is either just a date and location or a separate item with all properties.
  • Newspaper article > Adds a newspaper clipping or makes a search to add clippings. To be defined.
  • Reference publication > Add ISBN, URI, DOI etc. to add a publication and present a form as fallback. Follow Citoid for Wikidata development. Save publication to Wikidata, link to topic in Wikidocumentaries.
  • Reference to a fact > Same as for above reference. Save publication in Wikidata, reference details to the fact in Wikidocumentaries (and Wikidata, if the process is the same). Chapter, date, page, item in a database or page in a website.

Workflow to create a new topic

A modal opens to create the topic / Create new topic modal

Luo uusi -modaali English.png

The user adds basic information (title, description, alias and type)

Luo uusi -modaali English - type.png

Additional information is requested based on user input on the type (P31, instance of)

Wikidata edit interface can suggest properties that are most likely to be added for the kind of topic the user is creating. Use the code.

NOTE: In the first phase new items are created with basic properties only: title, description, alias and class. Structured, linked information will not be added, but it is possible to allow string values, coordinates and quantities. We need better insight into how the federation would work, and how to make shortcuts without copying entire Wikidata locally.

Luo uusi -modaali English - details.png

Some intelligent features to build

Location can use a minimum input from the user. It may be one of these

  • Coordinates -> Can yield street address, city, country
  • Street address -> Can yield coordinates, city, country
  • Known location (in Wikidata) -> Can yield coordinates, city, country
  • Known geographic location -> Can yield city, country
  • City yields country
  • Only country if no other info is present

Sources can be automatically retrieved from ISBN / DOI / url / Wikidata ID

  • Date retrieved will automatically be added
  • Additional data can be manually added here or later
  • The data will be saved (locally/in Wikidata?)

Creating topics in the Wikibase interface

It is always possible to switch to Wikibase view and add and edit items. Navigation for that is needed.

Mass creating topics

It will be possible to configure external tools to upload to Wikidocumentaries

  • OpenRefine. Follow the development in...
  • QuickStatements. Has been configured for FactGrid. See documentation in...


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